Welcome to my shop.
Unfortunately I'm not a computer whizz kid, so I have just listed the guitar numbers and their price. For more information you can -
1, Drop me a line stating which guitar you would like.
2, Visit my web shop on eBid then search for Kinellar Guitar Studios/ GJ guitars.
3, Visit my pages on Facebook as I have a shop there also under Kinellar Guitar Studios.
4, Pop around at an appointed time and try them in the flesh.
For more information on my guitars and extra pictures, just give me a shout.

Please note - All the following prices are at cost (e.g. what it actually costs in bits (wood, paint, frets, hardware, pickups etc. ) to make, with no labour charges but just a couple of £'s for myself. Should you require a non stock guitar then there will be a huge difference in price. These prices will only last until someone famous is endorsed by us then they will quadruple in price. (He he he)  Some of these instruments took up to 10 months to make.

#33 Left handed Black Strat £500.00

#36 Silver sparkle Strat, Allt Dubh "SSS" £700.00

#37 Amber Strat AAAA Quilt, Tonerider £900.00

#40 Gold Strat, Tonerider "SSS" £700.00

#43 Green Tele "Allt Dubh" £500.00

#45 Blue quilt Strat, Tonerider "SSS" £650.00

#48 Natural Tele "EMG's" £850.00

#50 Blue Ash Tele, Tonerider £660.00

#51 Black 24 fret LP, Allt Dubh £500.00

#53 Sunburst Strat, Allt Dubh "HSS" £650.00

#54 2 tone sunburst "SSS" £650.00

#57 White Strat "SSS" £650.00

#58 Left handed Cherry sunburst Strat, Allt Dubh "SSS" Flamed neck £850.00

#59 Left handed Cream quilt top Strat, Allt Dubh "HHH" £620.00

#68 Blue/ Green Ash Strat, Allt Dubh "SSS" £750.00

#74 Red Flying V, Allt Dubh £600.00

#77 Walnut Strat "SSS" £950.00

#80 Original Style “HH” Allt Dubh 25mm quilt top Red. £800.00

#81 Blue Ash Strat, Allt Dubh "HSS" £850.00 

#82 "Sunrise" Strat, Allt Dubh "SSS" £1050.00

#83 “Liquorice” Strat, Allt Dubh "SSS" £950.00

#84 White "Stratotele", Allt Dubh, "SSS" reliced £570.00

#85 Root Beer LP, Allt Dubh, Mini Humbucker, Piezo £790.00

#86 Cherry Sunburst Tele, Allt Dubh, Humbucker/ BazBucker, £540.00

#87 Amber 1 piece Ash body, F hole, Allt Dubh, "SSS" £1000.00

#88 Red Flame maple/ mahogany Tele, Allt Dubh £780.00

#89 Ash 3 pickup Tele, Lace Sensor £950.00

#90 "Silver Ghost" mahogany/ flame maple veneer "HH" Allt Dubh, £950.00

#91 Jazz Bass, Daphne Blue with matching neck. Allt Dubh, £450.00

#92 Black Ukulele, (1st build), £60.00

#93 Torrefied Pine Tele, Allt Dubh P90. £550.00

#94 Korina wood Strat, Sss Allt Dubh £670.00

#96 L.P. Junior, Allt Dubh stacked P90, Black £570.00

#97 Headless, Swamp Ash, Blue, “Hss” Allt Dubh £500.00

#99 Strat, Bronze, “Sss” Allt Dubh, £1000.00

#100 Black Walnut Tele, Allt Dubh BazBucker N & B, £1200.00 

#101 Tele semi , Faded / light relic sunburst. Mahogany, Allt Dubh Humbuckers £650.00

#102 Strat Alder, Black/ Yellow, Allt Dubh £350.00.

#103 Strat sunburst, 6 way "C" switch, Allt Dubh £650.00

#104 Strat Alder body, Metallic blue, Allt Dubh HSS  (HHH) pickups £550.00

#106 Strat Paulownia, Desert burst (satin) 3 x Allt Dubh single series/ parallel switch £550.00

#107 Strat Paulownia, Desert burst (gloss) 3 x Allt Dubh single series/ parallel switch £500.00