An update

posted 13 Dec 2011, 13:40 by Graeme Mennie   [ updated 26 Jun 2015, 02:20 ]

Well I've been up to my neck for the past 3 months, along with being hounded by the "wife" for working too much, sometimes through the night when i couldnt sleep, and what have i got to show for it?

Here goes

I made a 3/4 electric guitar (from parts) for my eldest grandson Owen, now aged 9 will start after the new year with proper guitar lessons. Hopefully when he grows up he can be just as bad a player as his Gramps. He said on Sunday it was the best day of his life !!! "again".

  I haven't got any closer to finishing my "SG" copy, but Hopefully by the end of January will have done so. To date it has a mahogany neck and body with a stained rosewood neck. It hasent been fully finished yet and still needs lacquared. White dots are in the side of the neck but i thought i would leave the finger board blank.

I started on 2 Les Paul models, 1 of which i got back from a mate who painted it for me. It looks not bad at all. I have started to re-assemble all the bits again but think i might up grade even more from the origional hardware i routed for etc. Both are Mahogany with maple tops, this one being flamed, the other is plain. It took a lot of buffing to get this shiny. The other is in bits still waiting for gluing.

Also a Tele shape finished in see thru green. I am trying an experiment with this one by fitting a "Bigsby" style trem to it. If it works then there will be a few of these done, as Sinatra said, my way... 
Lastly a "Jazz" style bass guitar. A few customers have asked "Where is all your basses?" well here goes. It has an Alder body with 2 pickups, maple with rosewood neck and chrome hardware. Pics to follow. Dazz is wanting a go on it... Here's a couple of pictures of the neck so far. The staining in the second picture is just the first coats of finish applied to where the decals are to go.    

I also have started to make a headless body from plans i found on the internet, i still have to find a neck and cut it down, then position the bridge for intonation, can't decide on the colour yet, but i think it will be black hardware if i can find the bits i need.

I also found a tele body i made from mahogany and an Ibanez style body (Alder) in my workshop a couple of months ago. God i will have to sort that place out as i've no idea what other forgotten projects are there. I keep this posted.