Sept 2017, update

posted 27 Sep 2017, 15:47 by Graeme Mennie   [ updated 30 Nov 2018, 05:10 ]
As you may have noticed not much is being posted here, most things are now being posted on my Facebook page ( . Anyway, just to say finally my new toy should arrive this month, a band saw. Been saving up for a couple of years for it, so i hope its all worth it when it arrives. Better count my finger before AND after each job......
Went online today looking for wood blanks for new instruments, only bought one as the prices have rocketed. It now costs (seemingly) £221.00 to buy a license and between £37.00 and £78.00 to purchase a buying and selling certificate for rosewood and some other types of exotics. But hey, swamp ash 1 piece a nice grain £278.00.... Come on, that's robbery. So i'm trying to source locally but hey we get last weeks TV programs here so not much luck so far.